Silver Retirement Gifts

Silver gifts perfect for retirements

A retirement is a momentous and emotional occasion; it marks the end of a journey where we look back upon our achievements, the places we have been and the people we have met. That’s why choosing the perfect gift is so important and nothing less than silver will reflect the respect and admiration that person deserves for all their years of dedication and hard work.

Many retirees will take great honour in receiving a gift which they can display in a place of pride in their home, so they can reflect upon their accomplishments. Our stunning sterling silver Armada dish, with its interesting historic background, is the perfect commemorative dish and can be engraved with a special message of thanks.

Wine connoisseurs would be particularly appreciative of our magnificent JAC crystal claret jug with its sterling silver neck which can be engraved upon. This is a superbly hand crafted, unique piece for a very special occasion, which will bring great joy to those who delight in lovingly decanting their wine.

An equally special gift for whisky lovers is our Highlander lead crystal square decanter; this is the perfect vessel in which to proudly display that stunning amber liquid. The ideal accompaniment to this is our set of fine quality crystal whisky tumblers; so everyone can enjoy that aged whisky in true style.