Silver 18th & 21st Gifts

Perfect silver gifts for 18th and 21st birthdays

Our 18th or 21st birthday is often the very first big occasion we remember celebrating in our lives. That’s why it is so important to choose a truly memorable and special gift which will be treasured forever. A beautiful silver gift is the perfect choice as it is timeless and will endure the test of time.

A very versatile choice for that special birthday gift is a stunning Feature Hallmark photo frame. It can be used to capture that special moment from the big day itself, whether it is a celebratory dinner with loved ones, a party with friends or the opening of all those fabulous gifts!

Both 18th and 21st birthdays are often seen as the coming of age, so now is the perfect time to celebrate with some very special and fun ‘grown up’ gifts. How about a nifty hip flask set with some poignant engraving on the front of the flask; a classic silver tankard or a contemporary looking wine coaster with a special silver disc in the middle for engraving?

Young ladies especially love our bookmark and tassle, a really stylish silver bookmark with a feature hallmark and an area for engraving a special message to be seen time after time. For the boys, who ever said cufflinks had gone out of fashion? Choose classic bar cufflinks for a gift that will keep on giving over the years.