Home Accessories

Home accessories

Our range of home accessories introduces beautifully crafted gifts which will enhance any home setting; from games to clever novelty items and practical yet good looking everyday musts.

Our faux book products are a fun way of keeping the home tidy and clutter free, whilst being a truly practical gift. Take a look at our lighthearted faux book ice bucket, umbrella stand, waste paper bin, tissue box and open book magazine tidy; they make a super, novel home collection.

Lovers of all manner of board, dice and card games will be enthralled by our fabulous games compendiums crafted from the finest makah burl wood veneer. The burl veneer creates a depth and contrast of colour which gives these classically styled games compendiums a timeless quality; so when you are not being delighted by the endless options of games, you can simply admire its stunning appearance.

If you’re looking to keep your treasures safe, look no further. Our Treasure Island book safe is a clever way to conceal your precious treasures in this hollow book which can be easily tucked away on your book shelf. For cigar lovers wishing to keep their cigars safe and in top condition, our handsome makah burl wood veneer humidor with brass lock is the perfect gift.