Silver News

16th Oct 2016:  The history of the Silver Armada Dish starts with the word ‘Armada’ – The word derives from the Portuguese and Spanish term for naval fleet. ‘Fleet’ meaning a large formation of warships at sea; an army on land would be the direct equivalent. But how does this ‘naval fleet’ translation link to a silver dish? Read more

5th Oct 2016: Make a lasting impression this Christmas with your corporate silver gifts. It’s reaching the end of the year and it is customary to send your most favoured, loyal customers a gift to show your appreciation of their continued business and support. So what corporate gifts are you going to send this year? Possibly the options that foremost spring to mind are a luxury hamper, a case of fine wine or a bottle of aged port or whisky. Wonderful as these gifts may be at the time, once the festive season is over and the last drop of ruby port has been drunk and the final truffle popped away, the gift is yet a distant memory. Read more

5th Oct 2016: Why choose silver gifts for Christmas? There’s yet another Christmas fast approaching and yet another quandary as to what to buy for whom. Should you buy something that’s practical, novel or luxurious; will they really love your gift or will you see that forced, surprised look to conceal their disappointment when they open it? Read more.

1st Oct 2016: Why not leave all that frantic last-minute Christmas shopping behind you and take a leisurely stroll around our online shop? Here you will find a veritable winter wonderland of silver gifts which are bound to delight, charm and thrill your friends, family and loved ones. In this special Christmas section we have put together a collection of some of our best selling ranges, as well as some of our latest products which we believe will make absolutely perfect Christmas gifts. Read more

21st September 2016: Our latest products. Here at The Silver Company we are forever striving to develop and improve our range to bring you the very latest in gift ideas; meaning you can become that person who is always credited with giving the most imaginative and thoughtful of gifts. We are also experimenting with adding new textures and finishes to our products to offer you a much more extensive selection of luxury items. Having found that perfect gift, why not make it extra special with a unique engraved message, date, initial or name to make it the perfect keepsake. Read more.

1st July 2016: We have just launched our new Silver Company website. We stock the finest selection of silver photo frames, decanters and silver gifts for all occasions. Why not use our silver engraving service? We can engrave most items with your message or corporate logo and all our TSC silver plated range includes free engraving. All orders over £100 receive free delivery. 

















































































































































































































































































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