Ordering a Bespoke Presentation Coins & Medals from The Silver Company

Whether it’s for a product launch, awards ceremony or other corporate event, we can provide unique coins, medals and corporate gifts to suit any occasion.


Based on initial discussions The Silver Company will prepare a digital ‘Design Control’ document for appraisal. The document provides two views; the first is a proportional magnified version of the design and a second of the actual size. This allows the client to assess and visualise the format of the design with the option to make alterations. Once the design is agreed the client will be required to ‘sign-off’ the design control document.


The second step is to send you an itemised quote, showing the cost of set up and production as well as an indication of lead time. We can also factor in any design if you require this service.


Once you are happy with your quote, we will finalise the design for your sign off, ready to send to production.


The Silver company integrates traditional craftsmanship with modern techniques to manufacturer bespoke tools to mint a coin or medal. Depending upon the specification of the order the tooling can be manufactured by firstly sculpting a plaster 5 times larger than the actual size, the plaster is then transferred into a resin mould and from there it is placed onto a reducing machine called a pantograph. It is this machine that produces the ‘Master tool’ from which working dies are formed to strike the end product. Alternatively, a digital model is produced and converted into a machine code programme allowing a CNC machine to cut the ‘master tool’.


It is this operation that brings together all of the preparation of the blanks and tools. The tools required to produce the order are setup on a striking press. The machines are calibrated to apply between 120 to 360m/t of pressure during the striking of the medal or coin depending upon the detail and depth of design. Once the engineer has completed the setup striking can commence. The blanks are fed into the collar of the striking press in synchronisation with the two tools coming together under load to form the design on the blank.


The struck coins or medals are then packed either into a presentation case or to attach a ribbon/lanyard to the medal.  A final quality inspection review examines the finished product to ensure that it meets the specifications of the clients order.

The only requirement is that there is a minimum order of 250 coins. If we can be of assistance please do not hesitate to contact us for a free quote.