Make a lasting impression this Christmas with your corporate silver gifts

Make a lasting impression this Christmas with your corporate silver gifts

It’s reaching the end of the year and it is customary to send your most favoured, loyal customers a gift to show your appreciation of their continued business and support. So what corporate gifts are you going to send this year? Possibly the options that foremost spring to mind are a luxury hamper, a case of fine wine or a bottle of aged port or whisky. Wonderful as these gifts may be at the time, once the festive season is over and the last drop of ruby port has been drunk and the final truffle popped away, the gift is yet a distant memory.

Silver sends a strong message

That’s why you should consider a stunning silver gift this year; it has longevity and being such a prestigious gift, it will reflect your company in a very positive manner. It also reinforces the value you place upon your customer; you haven’t chosen a run-of-the-mill Christmas gift, you have selected something special. Your client will, no doubt, greatly appreciate this and it will contribute to strengthening your business relationship.

A silver gift projects your company image

A major advantage of silver gifts is that you can have them engraved with your company name, logo or website to help maintain your customer’s awareness of your brand or service. It won’t necessarily generate additional business, but having your company name in front of your customer, as a constant reminder, can only be a good thing!

Tailor your gifts to the individual

Rather than selecting a standard Christmas gift to roll-out throughout your company, consider selecting gifts on a more individual basis. You will have undoubtedly got to know your very best customers and can identify their likes and hobbies. For example they may be a golf fiend or a wine connoisseur; a cigar smoker or cocktail lover; or even have a penchant for flower arranging. Take any one of these pastimes and you will find that The Silver Company has a multitude of gifts which would be perfect for your customer. A word of caution is that it is best not to be overly familiar in your choice of gift; you may be tempted by a pair of silver cufflinks or a pretty silver atomiser, but these are rather personal items and are not particularly appropriate as corporate gifts.

Apportion your Christmas gift budget

You may well have different budgets for various clients, depending upon the level of business you do together. The Silver Company’s vast range of products encompasses an extensive range of price points, meaning you can select your gifts accordingly. Furthermore, order your Christmas gifts at the same time and provided you spend over £100 you will receive free UK mainland delivery.