Uniquely modern: the benefits of silver gifts for youngsters

Uniquely modern: the benefits of silver gifts for youngsters.  When it comes to the younger generation, it can be difficult to find a gift that they haven’t already got. Many gifts will eventually find their way to the rubbish bin, as they are outgrown or become unfashionable. However, with a classic piece of silver wear, you have something that can be cherished for generations.

Admittedly for the average youngster, silver gifts may not be at the top of their Christmas list; but for an occasion such as a christening, sweet 16 or graduation, something a little more unusual makes the event special. With unique designs and consideration to modern lifestyles, a silver gift no longer has to be a pair of candle sticks or a sugar spoon, but something that can be enjoyed both aesthetically and functionally in a contemporary home.

For a young lady, for example, there is ample choice of suitable gifts. Why not consider a Heart Shaped Silver Pill Box, perfect for storing little trinkets and keepsakes? Or for the height of sophistication, you could go for a delicate Silver Mirror or an Atomiser. Silver brings with it an air or maturity, perfect for a birthday celebration. For a young man, how about a Silver Money Clip, a Silver Business Card Holder or for the more sporting, a delicate Silver Golf Tee?

For something completely alternative, why not consider a stylish silver condiment lid? Choose from Heinz 57 Ketchup, Colman’s Mustard or (love it or hate it) Marmite.

All of these gifts have a dual purpose, as when buying silver they become an investment and can be handed down to future generations – the item holding both financial and sentimental value. All items are hallmarked to show that they are genuine silver. For an added special touch, with many items there is also the option to add an engraving, whether it is someone’s initials, a date, or a message. All of The Silver Company’s silver plated range comes with free engraving. Further to that, all items over £100 come with free delivery.

With our site, you can shop 24/7, with many ranges to peruse and admire from the comfort of your own home. If after that you are still not able to decide on the perfect gift, there is also the option to buy a TSC Gift Voucher, something that all youngsters would enjoy spending.